Who are we?

People Unplugged is a community of people who recognize that our increasing dependence upon screens might be harmful to the quality of our lives and society as a whole. By creating awareness about this we wish to empower people to face the new media age. In particular we’re recommending a life without motion pictures: TV and cinema films, DVDs and videos, and also streaming visual media on the Internet. We recommend using caution when it comes to the use of social media, smartphones and information technology in general.

We believe freedom of speech is indispensable in a free society, and furthermore we believe that user privacy is one of the most important unsolved challenges of the information age. People Unplugged believe that the widespread notion of information technology as a neutral tool, is an alluring yet dangerous myth that we want to dispel. We believe that the printing press is the foundation of a free and enlightened society, and People Unplugged hope to explore if it’s at all possible to keep these values alive in the new digital age.

People Unplugged is politically and religiously neutral.