People Unplugged needs you!

How you can help a new, countercultural website grow and prosper!

by Wilfred Clifton - 29 November 2015

We need yer help, folks!

It’s our hope that you find our site interesting and challenging. Sadly there’s not really anyone quite like us around. Various news sites will now and then publish articles on the negative effects of television and information technology, but what makes us stand out is that we specialize in media-critical content, in contrast to regular news sites where such material is the odd exception.

This means that People Unplugged is a unique voice! We’re activists championing a cause that few else seem to bother about, and our hope is that this website will be a counterweight to the prevalent TV-saturated culture. Our goal is simple, we aim to educate people about the negative effects of television and to inform about the downsides of information technology.

However, we’re new at this. This site has just officially launched, and as such we face a few challenges that we need your help to deal with.

First of all, for all newly launched websites such as ours, it is easy to have our voices drowned in the endless chatter of today’s media landscape. We need your help to ensure that our voices will be heard, that our efforts aren’t wasted.

Here is how you can help us:

Spread the news

We’re doing this as a non-profit project, and we have nothing but expenses for this project. Yet we’re not asking for your money, instead we remind you that whenever you share a link or tell your friends about us, you’re easing our strained budget because we’ll have to spend less money on promotion. It won’t take much of your time, but it will mean much for our survival.

Stay in touch

Please bookmark this site and keep checking back from time to another! We’ve done a lot of hard work to build this site, and we promise that we’ll keep publishing material that we’re sure you’ll find interesting.

We readily admit that we’re ambivalent towards social media, but we nevertheless have a twitter account where we’ll tweet updates whenever we post new content on our site. We’re realistic enough to realize that people need a simple way to stay in touch with us. Thus, if you have twitter, please follow us!

Become involved

Finally, there might be people out there who very much feel that sharing the news about us isn’t enough. If you’re one of those who strongly feel that the media landscape (in particular TV and streaming video) in many ways is detrimental to society, then you might want to join our team and become a contributor. We need all sorts of help, so if you feel that you can contribute in one way or another, then please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thank you!